Which Is Worse – “Deepfake” Jennifer Lawrence/Steve Buscemi or David Schwimmer/Nic Cage?

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People have so much time on their hands, man. Like just way too much. This is deeply cursed, and I don’t honestly know how to prep you for this so I’m just gonna come out and say it.

Someone shopped Steve Buscemi’s entire face onto a video of Jennifer Lawrence speaking at the Emmy’s using “deepfake” technology. I don’t want to lie to you and say that I knew that was before I googled it, so I won’t. Basically, it’s used to superimpose videos and images onto each other to create new images and videos. And this one is… Really well done. It’s uncomfortably good. I’m actually deeply upset by how seamless it looks.

Feast your eyes.

How many times can you get through that gif loop? I think I maxed out at four.

This lead me down a bit of a rabbit hole of more deepfake content, and the only one that messed me up more than the Jennifer Lawrence/Steve Buscemi mashup was this one. I won’t tell you what it is, just look.

Courtesy of Reddit

At first glance you’re probably thinking, “that’s just Ross from Friends

Oh, how wrong you are.

No, my good people, while that is the body of Ross aka David Schwimmer, the face pasted on him is NICOLAS CAGE.

And somehow it FITS SO WELL.


Which is worse – Nic Schwimmer or Jennifer Buscemi?

  • 67%
    S-Law for SURE

    (114 votes)

  • 32%
    Nic Schwimmer is cursed AS HELL

    (54 votes)

168 votes total Vote Now



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