Trump Has Effectively Killed The 69/Nice Joke And It’s A Tragedy

Friends, meme lovers, fellow users of the internet, it is with a heavy heart and profound sadness that I announce the death of our beloved 69 joke.

For decades, perhaps even since it was coined as a sex thing, the response to 69 in any and every scenario has been “nice.”

69 unread emails? Nice.

69% phone battery? Nice.

$20.69 in your checking account? Nice.

But that’s all over now, because earlier today, President Trump tweeted this


It’s hard to say whether or not the joke was intentional, and it’s hard to say which would be worse. He either has no idea that this is a pillar of internet humor or he’s aware and attempted to be funny with it. Either way, it’s ruined. He killed it. Trump has killed 69.

And today, we all mourn its passing. Please, remove your hats, bow your heads, and exhibit a moment of silence while you read these tweets.


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