Ron Burgundy Asks Deepak Chopra Life’s Biggest Questions in The Ron Burgundy Podcast Episode 2

Clear your mind. Take a deep breath. Download the Ron Burgundy Podcast. Congratulations, you’re well on your way to answering the universe’s biggest questions, guided by fellow wisdom-seekers Ron Burgundy and Deepak Chopra. Oh, also producer Carolina is there, so that’s chill.

Hot on the heels of a recent trip to Joshua Tree (at least that’s where he thinks he went?) Ron’s thirst for spiritual knowledge remains unquenchable. Thankfully, he’s got Deepak Chopra’s number in his impressive rolodex, so he rings him up for an illuminating chat.

Right out the gate, Deepak drops some metaphysical knowledge on us: when asked where he’s calling from he answers “non-locally,” highlighting the difference between a person’s location and where they actually “are.” That’s right. Strap in, folks.

Ron’s questions for Deepak range from big (the future of the human race), to small (does he like Downton Abbey?), but they’re all leading up to the main event: a guided meditation. If you’re listening at home, please join in. You’re centered enough to handle it.

Once the meditation comes to close, there’s still more mind-blowing conversation to be had with Deepak. So if you’re ready to renew your sense of humanity, join a higher plane of existence, and contemplate the benefits of growing gills, listen now.

New episodes of “The Ron Burgundy Podcast” drop every Thursday. Check out all the available episodes “The Ron Burgundy Podcast” on iHeartRadio now.



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