James McAvoy’s SNL Debut Showcases Split Talents

James McAvoy took his chameleon-like talents seen in Split (2016) and Glass (2019) and brought them to the small-screen last weekend for his SNL hosting debut. The sketches gave the Glaswegian actor a chance to really ham up his Scottish accent, as well as return to one of his most beloved family-friendly characters in a Narnia spoof that is anything but family-friendly.

Considering how many different accents we’ve seen McAvoy take on (and totally nail) in various roles throughout his career, listening to the Scottish accent that’s so thick it’s borderline incomprehensible tumble effortlessly out of his mouth is almost a little jarring – and it made for a truly hilarious sketch as he tries to coach Kylie Jenner’s PR team through landing an airplane.

[embedded content]

Then, in a linguistic 180, McAvoy revives the gentle, soft-spoken faun Mr. Tumnus from the 2005 adaptation of The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe. This was the first role I remember seeing McAvoy in, and this sketch was wonderfully nostalgic, except of course SNL turned it into a horny parody and I’m going to have to unpack this with my therapist later. Oof, right in the childhood.

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To help shake that from your psyche, watch McAvoy deliver a pretty strikingly accurate Philly accent in this toilet paper commercial focus group. Not only does he make a convincing Philadelphian, but his marketing pitches aren’t half bad. I’d watch those commercials.

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