Guy’s Absurd Tumblr Story About VR Chat With Club Penguin Avatar Will Make You Chuckle

When this VR Chat player found himself surrounded by Japanese-speaking people that he couldn’t understand, he seized the moment, to sport his best Club Penguin skin. From there, the surprising familial moment that occurred between him and another player, can be rightfully chalked up to the legacy Club Penguin left behind. That online world of rowdy, multi-colored penguins was anything but the innocent bubble of wholesomeness it might’ve appeared as, on the outside. The players themselves were plain, old, dirty, dude. I read combinations of swear words, I never though possible. It was its own kind of icy Wild West, and damn was it glorious. Relive some of those times with our list of the 20 times people helped make the game the dark-humored laugh factory that it is, over here!

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