Ben Affleck Is No Longer Playing Batman And People Have Strong Feelings About It

In case you missed it, Deadline Hollywood announced yesterday that Ben Affleck has decided to step away from the role of Batman and is going to “pass the torch to the next generation of actors,” which Affleck himself confirmed in a follow-up tweet.

He seems to be handling this very graciously, but I guess I’m a little confused about him saying he’s no longer going to play Batman because, I dunno, it almost feels like he never really started? Although he appeared in Justice League, Batman v. Superman, and briefly in Suicide Squad, unlike the Caped Crusaders who came before him Affleck never had a standalone Batman film.

A lot of people seem to feel the same way, and the reactions to his departure have been a mixed bag

Some thought his time as Batman was appropriate

Some fans are still trying to recover

And there’s already some suggestions for who should take over…

… which we’re totally on board with

and whether it’s Michael Cera or Will Arnett, it looks like the people want the next Bats to be a Bluth

Although, there is always this option.


How do you feel about Ben Affleck hanging up his cape?

  • 17%
    Wait, Ben Affleck was Batman?

    (70 votes)

  • 27%
    Hell yeah get that guy outta here

    (114 votes)

  • 23%
    DC will answer for this crime. We will not rest until we have vengeance

    (95 votes)

  • 31%

    (129 votes)

408 votes total Vote Now



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